Refinancing is a quick way to access cash from assets on your balance sheet. Then, you can use that capital elsewhere within your business.

An introduction to Asset Refinancing

Refinancing allows you to access a lump sum. Essentially, we release equity from assets you own already. This could be useful if you would like to pay a deposit on new equipment. Or, if you need to ease income and boost available capital.

Refinancing is available whether the asset it wholly owned by your business or not. The level of equity available will be the key factor. We help when deciding what amount of money you’ll borrow against the asset. Especially so if you do not own it in its entirety.


Benefits of Refinancing

  • Constant use of the asset
  • We can refinance agreements you have elsewhere and extend the term
  • Give your business a cash injection. Or, use the money to buy other assets
  • Releasing cash can help you make faster decisions when growing your business

Why choose Asset Funding UK?

We have access to many lending partners. As a result, we can refinance most finance agreements. Also, we offer refinancing of current assets at competitive rates.

Fast, flexible underwriting for new and established businesses. After all, we work with all industries. So, let’s drive your business forward with refinancing.

Industries we work with